Loneliness 2nd Edition is now available

Dr. Mijuskovic’s interdisciplinary work Loneliness is now available in a second edition. You can find it on  Alibris, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Parker E. Lichtenstein provides a helpful synopsis in The Psychological Record:

  “The author has employed an interdisciplinary approach to the problem of loneliness. While psychologists have touched upon the problem, they have not done justice to it. Mijuskovic sees loneliness not simply as a frequent human condition but rather an aspect of man’s ontological being. In his words, man is ‘intrinsically alone and irredeemably lost’ and is ‘continually struggling to escape the solipsistic prison of his frightening solitude.’ This basic thesis is supported through philosophical analysis and wide-ranging examination of relevant literature…. [T]he author has presented a challenging picture of much human behavior as a flight from loneliness. On the whole this is an intriguing book which should be of particular interest to psychologists of a humanistic persuasion.”


2 thoughts on “Loneliness 2nd Edition is now available

  1. I first met Ben my sophomore year at UCSD, 32 years ago, and his teaching continues to influence my life today. His theories helped me identify and understand the internal wrestling inherent in all of us. False modesty aside, I conquered early a battle lost by millions, a battle which occupies a linear relationship with cognitive insight. Before dismissing me as a pompous ass (admittedly my previous sentence may warrant such an assumption), buy the book !! Perhaps you will find the answer to your own version of life’s oldest question. With all of our hearts, thank you, Ben. til the grave, Darwin

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